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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 17, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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effective advocates for that and reach out on facebook, twitter all the things obama did well they win. [ talking over each other ] >> i think the next presidential candidate needs to understand the next christian if they are going to win. >> sean: that is all the time we have. thanks for being with us. greta is in new york to go on the record. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. you are looking live at an event in anchorage in alaska. any moment lisa murkowski expected to claim victory in her u.s. senate race. the ap has already called the race for senator murkowski. though joe miller has not given up the fight. senator murkowski will be joining news a minute to go on the record. former vice president dan quayle will also be here.
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but first newt gingrich joins us live. first where are you, sir? >> i'm in cedar rapids, iowa at the barnes & noble. >> greta: the news from the state of alaska. what do you make of that? senator murkowski a write-in candidate. >> a great personal achievement. i think hates been 56 years since anyone has won a write-in vote for the u.s. senate. remarkable personal achievement. helped by key mistakes on the part of joe mill lawyer. nonetheless, she had the courage to won. she put together the organization, she took advantage of his mistakes. if ap is right and she does up as the winner, this has to be seen as a personal achievement that people have to respect for her courage and the fact that the people of alaska were prepared to write had her name
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in. >> greta: what about the role of the he party in alaska for this race? >> i think the tea party people have to decide where they go from here. senator murkowski has to decide as senator mcconnell did, is she prepared to listen to the people? one of the reasons she lost the primary was the sense she was not conservative enough. schenk be defiant and say i don't care. she's got six years. she can say senator mcconnell is right. maybe one of our duties is listen to the voice of the people. there are a number you have things like no earmarks, controlling spending, stopping any tax increase during a recession. where the voice of not just the alaska tea party but the american people is clear. >> greta: is it going to be awkward when she returns to washington? many republicans acknowledged that joe miller won the primary and they backed him and didn't back her. does it become awkward returning back to washington
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and seeing those people? >> sure it is a little awkward. i think she can check with joe lieberman and see what his experience was when he lost the primary and had to win an independent. her ties, philosophy, background put her in the republican party. i'm sure senator mcconnell and the other republicans are going to immediately go to work to bring her back into the team. my guess is, in a few weeks you will find they are all on the same side. as compared to harry reid, nancy pelosi and barack obama. >> greta: we'll have senator murkowski join us in a few moments. another election in washington for speaker pillows show is going to become the new minority leader. why would she want that? >> i think she must believe that president obama is going to win reelection by such a big margin he will pool the democrats and house back to may majority. that's the only rational reason for her to stay.
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i think she makes it much harder for the democrats to recruit candidates. in most of the swing districts they need win, going out and saying gosh we have a chance to come and work with a san francisco liberal as your leader is not a big drawing card. in the districts they lost under her leadership are going to be districts where people are going to be careful and cautious about running as a democrat as long as she is the leader. >> greta: you mentioned the other night president obama should take time off until the end of the year. reflect on the election. what did you mean by that? >> well, he's still relatively young man who went from state senator to u.s. senator to defeating senator clinton for the tom nation to winning the presidency. to a year and a -- half of extraordinary effort foaled by enormous defeat the biggest of his life. if he doesn't top -- stop and
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ask fundamental questions what were the american people saying? how could they lose more seats in the house since 1948? 68 state legislatures, than any time in modern history. what does this mean he ought to rethink about what he's doing. i don't get a sense they are rethinking. they are calculating, trying maneuver. trying to set up a game. that won't work. the american people will see it to. john boehner and mitch mcconnell will see through it and it would further shrink the president. i would recommend slow down, take time off, between now and january 1st, think through the next two years. don't just keep trying to bob and weave and maneuver, because it is not going to work. >> greta: how do you create a bipartisan without looking weak when you have been so full speed ahead? he doesn't -- if he caves into
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everything the republicans say, then he's got issues. >> he's not gonna cave into everything the republicans want. but he shouldn't orient often republicans. he ought to orient off the american people. the american people said they don't want obamacare. the american people have said by huge margins, they are frightened of big deficit spending. they want washington to spend less. they want us to focus on paychecks and jobs. they want economic growth to be the number one issue. all he's gotta say is, not hear boehner and mcconnell, he needs to say i hear the american people and listen and think carefully about what are the american people saying? they ain't saying go ahead and continue to be a left wing president who tries to out maneuver the republicans. that will be a road to the end of his presidency. >> greta: does he have it in him to do that? >> i done know it is going to
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be fascinating to find out. he's clearly smart enough if he wants to do it. if he decides that's his mission in life he has the capacity to do it. the question is judgment. is he willing to listen to the american people or determined to impose an obama world view, no matter what the people want. >> greta: republican governors are gathering. you are going to join them. what are they looking to do? i imagine they feel the wind behind their back. >> they should feel the wind behind their back. haley barbour and nick ayers did a great job. i'm delighted governor perry will become the new chairman again. a lot of bright new governors, good friends of mine like john kasich, scott walker in wisconsin. i think we have a chance to see a dramatic improvement in state government. tomorrow when i'm with them in san diego, i'm going to make
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the argument, we need move from a rejection kind of conservatism which rejects the left to a replacement model which starts to replace the institutions and the policies of the left. and the right place to do that is at the state level where they can actually get a lot done. while washington is relatively deadlocked. >> greta: let me go to michael steele many in the republican party are not anxious to have him run again. what has he done well? where has he failed? if has failed? >> michael steele has done very well in dramatically expanding republican outreach to minority communities. 37% of the members of congress who are latino are republican. the highest number in history. we have two african-american members of congress. and made real breakthroughs in other areas. we elected an all latino state ticket in new mexico we elected an indian-american with nikki haley in
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south carolina as governor. i was quite a remarkable year. you wouldn't have said two years ago, when the first african-american president as a democrat was elected that he would set the stage for the biggest increase in republican minority representation in history. in the state of texas, four latino candidates and two african-american candidates won seats as republican. all across the country, michael did a good job there, -- >> greta: why are some unhappy with him? >> to be candid, he's a good friend of mine. in the area of raising money and running the internal machinery, he didn't do as good a job. he should have had a stronger executive director taking care of that part of the party that's why there's significant dissatisfaction. he's got to make a decision if he wants to run he has to convince the committee members he's going to have a strong executive director. and the committee will be much more professionally run over
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the next two years. i wouldn't count him out. in fact do a lot for the republican party. remember, dispute all efforts, the democrats in the white house never atack the republicans this year on racism. because it was so patently stupid when had you michael steele as chairman that is a significant advantage in public relations campaigns. i think steele does deserve some of the credit for us having done much better than anybody thought possible in january of 2009. >> greta: mr. speaker, enjoy iowa, thank you sir. >> take care. >> greta: are democrats getting ticked off at the white house for not having a plan about your taxes? vice president quayle talking tea parties and what he says might surprise you. plus, more on the huge breaking news in the wild senate race in alaska. write-in candidate murkowski declaring victory. joe miller refuses to give up. senator murkowski here minutes away.
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with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven, who chose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. >> greta: claire mccaskill goes a bit rogue. fighting for a ban on earmarks. how is that going over with her fellow democrats? she joins us live. good evening senator. >> good evening. >> greta: earmarks you want a ban you have joined with
10:14 pm
senator coburn. i guess it is bipartisan. how is this playing out within your own party? >> this has been a lonely fight. can i came to the senate in 2007, immediately saw how screwed up the process of earmarking was and said i'm not going to participate. i'm a former auditor. i care very much about how we spend the public's money. it is a flawed process. it invites a lot of abuses. we need to end it. i don't have as many members in my party onboard yet but i'm not going to give up. >> greta: how is it playing with the white house? were you a strong supporter of president obama during the primaries. how is this playing at the white house now you are going a little bit -- taking on your party a bit? >> i've always been very independent. the president knows that i voted differently than he did when he was a member of the senate. i've get with a number of his proposals. he agrees with getting rid of earmarks.
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once you have been on the inside and watched this kabuki dance where you don't really know how people decide who gets what earmarked. if you are a member of a certain committee you get more money than anybody else. if you are a certain party. he knows all that he wants to get rid of this process also. he gave hayes dress last saturday saying we need earmarking. >> greta: taxes. we are coming up on the end of the year. we need to know what is going to small businesses, individuals. democratic party had two years control of the house, senate and white house. still it hasn't been on the floor. why not? >> well, i think first of all it has been very difficult once we did not have 60 votes, there was kind of people fled the scene on the other side of the aisle. and thought the best political thing for the republicans to do was to block everything. they may have been right. they great success in november. you are right, we've got to make a decision.
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there needs to be certainty before the end of the year. i believe strongly we need to go to middle class, extent the tax cuts permanently. i'm willing to negotiate on all of them. i'm concerned about reducing the deficit than more tax breaks for millionaires. >> greta: the republicans say they care very much about small business, including the people -- spiel with small businesses run money through personal income so it can be over $250,000 they care about small businesses and jobs, democrats say we care about the middle class. neither side seems to be willing to negotiate and we are coming up on the end. what is going to happen? >> let's hope, reasonable minds prevail and we come together and quit playing politics. i watched the republican party en masse walk away from a small business tax cut bill that cut billions of dollars in taxes that we were able to pass over their objections. we one or two, enough to get it across the finish line a
10:17 pm
few months ago. we net cut 300 billion dollars in taxes in the last 18 months in congress. but these decisions that must be made for certainty, so all that cash is out there on the side. the way forward is with private sector job growth. not more government jobs. we've got to make a decision on this. what we decide is important. it is really almost more important that we make a decision. >> greta: when is that coming? >> it has to come -- >> greta: you say hope -- people can't plan, people can't do business plans. they can't figure whether to hire another person or not. i'm glad you are here tonight. you and the republicans and democrats, have hung the american people out to dry on this one. >> i couldn't agree more. there should be great frustration that we can't make a decision. we've got until the end of the year. i for one have said i will stay everyday up to and
10:18 pm
including christmas to make the decisions on these important tax policies. i think there's enough of us that will happen. >> greta: you say you are unpopular for the ban on the earmarks you will be real unpopular if you say you are going to stay christmas. >> that would be a good way to get it done is threaten we stay until we do. it would be amazing to see how everybody gets reasonable and forms a compromise that's good for american business. >> greta: if that works, let's do it. thank you senator. >> thanks. >> greta: next judd gregg says we might have reached our last best hope for getting the debt control. the senator is next. plus we go to alaska, senator murkowski declaring victory. the fight not over. senator murkowski here, coming up. [ female announcer ] fa: the medicine in children's advil® is the #1
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. >> greta: everyone agrees we are drowning in debt. republican senator judd gregg sits on the commission he went on the record. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me on. >> greta: where do we stand on this debt commission and the report? are we going to get 14 out of 18 so there will be a single report being issued? >> first, it is really important. my view is the last best hope now of putting in place something substantive that will get our deficits and debt under control. the proposal was a serious effort. i don't agree with all of it but it was a serious effort. it is going to be hard to get
10:23 pm
14 votes. everybody is trying hard, serious and sitting around the take and engaged. there's a lot of differences of opinion as to how to do this. there's unfortunately, not a lot of time. >> greta: can you live a serious effort? if you are not getting everything that you think is right and i suppose the same is true to the other 17 members of the is there enough that you can all agree and it is worthwhile? there's are dramatic enough steps they could reduce the debt? >> in my opinion we should be able to do that. we know that if we do not act, we are headed towards insolvency situation as a nation. we know that the areas we need to act in. as i said the chairman of the commission has have put forward an aggressive proposal. it didn't cover all areas i'm interested in. it didn't do as much in the area of health care as i think we need. health scare one of the primary drivers of our deficit
10:24 pm
and debt problem. but it was major step. it did take four trillion spending out of system and reformed the tax laws in a way that would be aggressive and help capital formation and create more jobs. >> greta: what about the mortgage interest reduction? that's a huge part of many americans' financial planning. >> this is one of these things that your viewers have been a little misled on because of the hyperbole of the moment. what the chairman suggested we go to a new type of tax law. actually track something that senator widen and i put together. which eliminates almost all deductions and exemptions and takes the rates down dramatically. dramatically. so the maximum rate would be 23%. people earning up to $200,000 would pay 15%. if you compare most americans'
10:25 pm
situations deduction on their home on real estate, and their present rate, i think you are going to find most americans are winners under a system where they may lose the deduction on the home but get a 15% rate on incomes up to $200,000. i think it is a good idea. it is going to -- the concept is a good idea. if we can execute on it, it would be nice too. it is going to significantly reduce rates, make the law simple and fair so more people will feel comfortable paying taxes and not thinking their neighbors is gaming the system. and there will be a huge incentive for economic activity because people will be making investments based on return rather than trying to avoid taxes. >> greta: obviously, one way to solve the problem is to make the economy grow and grow so people pay money and revenue and we get thriving. the fact is that is going to take time. i take hit there -- i take it
10:26 pm
there will be cuts who is going to feel the most pain under what you think is going to come out of this commission? >> on your first assumption which is a good one, let's grow the economy. we can't grow out of this. we've dug such a huge hole and the projected deficits are so massive, a trillion a year for the next 10 years on average, doubling the debt in five years, trip butting in 10 years. let's say we had 5 or 6% annual growth we wouldn't get from underneath our debt situation as we need to avoid if i fiscal insolvency as a nation. so we have to reduce spending this is a spending problem. federal government has gone from 20% gdp historic level since world war ii. it is headed towards 27% gdp in spending. revenues are constant about 18 1/2% gdp and headed up.
10:27 pm
it is not so much a revenue issue as a spending issue. yes there have to be decisions made which are going to effect americans who are getting benefits unfederal programs or federal spending. we have to reduce our defense commitments. not our commitments but the a.m. we are spending on defense. we have to look at nondefense discretionary spending and reduce that too. we should go back to the 2008 level of spending in this country. before the stimulus and use that as our baseline. we should reduce from that about 1% a year for, four, five years. that means significant reduction and problematic activity will be affected. we are borrowing too much money. 41 cents of every dollar we spend we bore re-- we borrow from china. we don't have the money! >> greta: would we be better
10:28 pm
off spending less on contractors and building up troops or -- have you taken a look at the amount we spend on contractors versus the military people who are serving? >> first off, if you have people in the field you have to give them what they need. there's more to the defense budget than the people in the field. what i think we need to do is look at the overall personnel levels, which includes contractors, absolutely. and the procurement procedures of the defense department. there's big savings in both those areas. interestingly enough, secretary gates suggested significant areas in procurements that could be saved. he's suggested we spend in other areas. my suggestion would be we save it and put it towards debt reduction. there are areas in defense that can be agreesed. -- addressed. we have to address the whole government, the whole government is beyond capacity
10:29 pm
to now. >> greta: thank you. >> next vice president quayle goes on the record. he says republicans should be doing something for you. stay tuned. okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi. you know, holiday shipping's easy with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal servic if it fits, it ships anywhere ithe country for a low flat re. yea, i know. oh, you're good. good luck! priority mail flat rate shipping starts at just $4.90 only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy.
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10:33 pm
we are really happy. he's excited. he's a young, smart, energetic person that wants to do the best for his constituency and the people of arizona. god bless him. >> greta: sort of fun for everybody regardless of politics to see people's children come back and be public servants. i remember him when he was a little kid, seeing pictures of him. >> to some extent it is still the opportunity arises to serve in public service, it is a noble profession. we need good, young, smart, ethical people, republicans and democrats to get into the system and try to make our country stronger than what it is today. when you have people like ben who are willing to step forward that's great. he will meet a lot of good folks this week. hopefully they will be able to do something. he grew up with it. marlin and i were just honored and -- marilyn and i were just
10:34 pm
honored and thrill . there's a lot of sacrifice. you ask for it, volunteer, not something you are drafted to do but there are some sacrifices. he and his wife will make decisions on where they are going to live and how they commute from d.c. to arizona. it is going to be interesting. >> greta: interesting how different the political climate is. you didn't have the tea party although you had ross perot. how do you see the evolution of the tea party and how things have changed? >> we've always had third parties. depends on whether they've been successful or no had you george wallace back in the late 60s. you had ross perot obviously in '88. ralph nader in 2000. you've always had these third parties this is a little different because there's no real leader as such. they did a lot for they election. elected some members of
10:35 pm
congress. they had a lot of candidates. four the senate, won got elected in kentucky. they are very involved, very active, they bring a lot of energy. it is a different movement. this one is more libertarian. they want less government. less spending. less taxes. they are not interested that much in social issues, which is different. there's no one really defined leader that's the big question that you have out there. will somebody come along and try to take all those people out there and put it under the umbrella of a real party? and try to run for president in 2012. i don't know. i hope it doesn't happen. i think most of them should be in the republican party, a lot of democrats and inhe inches. it up to the -- independents. it is up to the rains to reach out and embrace many of the ideas that the republican
10:36 pm
party shares. less spending, less taxes and less government that's a republican party as i know it. >> greta: you just got back from china. it is of interest to you, why? >> my oldest son married a guy from shanghai so i have a family interest. both of our grandchildren were born in hong kong. we have this hughes despite on whether they could be president some day if they are born in hong kong? china to me is the key country around the world on how the united states ise manage that relationship. there's some in the country that want to really just challenge china. they view china more or less as the enemy. i don't view it that way i view china as an opportunity. you don't need to challenge china, challenge that relationship, you have to manage it. because china's for real. it is a growing economy. what is striking, when i
10:37 pm
returned from china and japan just last week, the increase of the military in china and the awareness of that increase in japan. i'm told by the defense people in japan that indonesia, philippines, thais, vietnamese are all concerned about the i will crease in the military. one thing to increase military and not have exercises and let people know you might be expanding or having some presence beyond your natural borders. that's what the chinese are doing in the south china sea they are having serious exercises, saying we are going to have much more of a presence around the world than we've had in the past. it's a relationship to manage. >> greta: why done they help us more and north korea if they want to be such a huge influence?
10:38 pm
one of the view countries, seeming -- >> they do periodic. within the last year or so for a period of time they will shut off the energy and let the north koreans know they have that capacity. they could do it tomorrow, they could take the lights out. they don't do it for a couple of reasons. one, they will say, the policy of noninterfere . the chinese have always had that. we use that term noninterfere they say when we are there getting them to do things, you are interfering with local politics. north korea is a problem to the west, to japan. china and japan have friendly relations but there's a lot of tension particularly in the east china sea a lot of territorial disputes.
10:39 pm
china recently cut off some of the rare minerals to japan just to let 'em know. but, korea is a problem to japan. north korea with its potential nuclear capability is a problem to us. if we have problems and if japan has problems that doesn't bother the chinese that much because we have to pay attention it to. they can do other things in other parts of the world while we are bogged down or not bogged down focused on what we are going to be doing in north korea. >> greta: they don't want -- if north >> ia doesn't get sort of -- if north korea doesn't pull in the ranks, another weapon is going to engage china. >> that's the dom know if north korea does have -- that's the domino, if north korea, does are why would japan have a nuclear china and
10:40 pm
nuclear north korea and not go nuclear themselves? i think they would. the chinese thinking currently there are so many political restrictions on japan doing that. plus the umbrella of the united states through the security treat that i a lot of people in japan say we don't have to worry about that the united states will take care of us. we have an agreement and we would. that doesn't mean they would try to have their own security and nuclear capability as well that would be a real problem to china. i think the chinese don't believe the japanese will do it, today. >> greta: next, what does he really buy in president obama? the former vice president pulls no punches, next. >> we have never, ever seen a police chase end like this. let's say the get away car looks like swiss cheese.
10:41 pm
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but first our new york newsroom. >> reporter: head of tsa says hayes genesse will not relax inspection measures. john pistol admits pat-downs and full body scanners are intrusive but says government has a duty to provide the traveler the best possible security. >> fda with a warning for makers of alcoholic energy dings saying caffeine added is not safe. manufacturers have 15 days to come up with changes -- makers of four loko say they will bring back their drinks without the caffeine. nikkei up 9,871, hang up 23,396. dow jones futures 11,055. for more business news tune into the fox business network. i'm ainsley earhardt, back to greta. >> greta: continuing with former vice president quayle about the relationship between
10:45 pm
united states and china. they've had devalued currency in china. in the united states if we had the 600 billions dumped into our -- [ unintelligible ] >> president obama just went to seoul for the g-20. he had the apec meeting in japan. in both of those meetings, there were a little ganging up on the united states, if you will. the currency thing, correct, china's currency is pegged to the dollar. and the dollar has been depreciated because some believe because of qe 2 and having a weaker dollar rather than a stronger dollar. i don't think we have a policy of that. i think the policies we are imposing have that result. the -- what was interesting in seoul, the chinese, the germans, the british, the
10:46 pm
brazilians and i believe the indians as well, all gang up on the united states saying you are weakening your currency. china got some criticism as well. i was more that the united states and president obama had to defend the action of the feds. saying no, no it is not an intentional weak dollar policy. as a matter of fact maybe the dollar will respond. it was very interesting they all ganged up on united states rather than looking at china. china, second largest economy in the worm now currency many people think is really out of whack. nobody really knows if you have a true float where its going obviously would it go up. how far up? how long will it stay up? you read in the papers today inflation china is over 4%. they may have to hike interest rates a little bit to have free float what would that do to currency?
10:47 pm
probably make it stronger under normal conditions. they have an out they peg tight united states -- they peg it to the united states currency. they should have a float. i'm very much opposed to legislation, that is going through if they don't have a certain valuation, that 20% tariffs are going to be imposed on various imports. that is giving into this very dangerous war of protectionism. if we are not careful these currency wars, could spin into real protectionism. currency wars are one thing, get protectionism going, we had in the 20s, early 30s we have real problems. there will be serious repercussions if that happens. >> greta: how is president obama doing? >> how is president obama
10:48 pm
doing? not well from my perspective. maybe now that he has a republican congress he will be able to manage things a little better. a lot of people think that he will be more like bill clinton was in his last six years with the republican congress. he still has a democrat senate. still has harry reid running the senate. bill clinton, from my perspective, i think is much more moderate in political philosophy than president obama is. this has always been the discussion. how liberal is president obama? with his background, state senator, community organizer, u.s. senator for four years one of the most liberal in the u.s. senate. where are his true beliefs? i think we will find out. if he's more center left than progressive left, as they call it today, he will be willing to compromise, modulate and get things through on a bipartisan basis. i'm not sure that's him.
10:49 pm
we are going to find out. we will find out what he's really made of. he's going to have to work with republicans in the highways, work with republicans in the senate. he's going to have to reach out he's the president. he's got to initiate this. congress will respond. the president leads. >> greta: interesting, this midterm elections. the party always in power loses seats, but they lost big. >> it was overwhelming. i didn't think we would win 60 seats, low 50s was a feel good night, latest is 62, 63, something like that. it showed that the people were fed up with the obama administration. people by and -- his people by and large stayed home. our people, republicans, tea party folks voted more republican than democrat.
10:50 pm
many voted for democrats as well. it was overwhelming. there was a real rejection of the direction of the country. people are just fed up with. there's a -- there was a real message. >> greta: we plan to talk to send for murkowski. following the news conference she decided to do another interview and missed her planned time with us. next, the best of the rest. a tip for stupid criminals, do not get in a car chase with police. we have video that proves our point. >> what is there not to love about penguins dressed up in santa outfits? stay tuned. ♪
10:51 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t covers 97% of all americans. rethink possible. to stay fit,uncer ] at&t covers you might also wantricans. to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. we're guessing it was a good day for john boehner he turned 61 today the same day house republicans unanimously elected him to be the next speaker of the house. aides to congressman boehner greeted their boss with two large birthday cakes. ing had a fitting message, happy birthday mr. speaker. >> we know christmas is more than a month away but we had to show you 12 penguins in south korea feeling the christmas spirit. dressed in santa outfits to
10:55 pm
bring cheer to children. they waddelled down a road at at musement park. they will be welcoming visitors through christmas. >> when will stupid criminals learn. do not run from police. a guy in florida just learned that the hard way. suspect in a robbery hopped in an suv. police almost nabbed him he got caught in traffic somehow he slipped away the chase came to an end when the suspect violently slammed the suv into the back of a tanker truck. the suspect slowly crawled out of the window of the mangled truck. he was arrested and taken to the hop. there you have the best of the rest. >> let's be honest nobody wants a full body scan before getting on a plane. there mate be something more awkward, coming up. yellowbook has always been good for business.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here. it's time for last call. everyone is talking about the tsa body scan controversy. >> next wednesday is the day before thanksgiving is national opt out day. people are being asked to boycott the tsa full-body scanners. those things could see everything. and people shouldn't be made to feel embarrassed while traveling. that is what thanksgiving with the family is for.